Once your have used all your data or it has expired you can top up your Travis SIM card with one of the different data packages we offer on https://my.travistranslator.com/topup

1. Pick a preferred package

Global Data TopUp
You can top-up with the same global package for 80+ countries provided when you purchased the Travis 1GB Global SIM Card. 

Find this option under 'Continent' > 'Global Data Topup' and select your country.

Recharge your SIM card per country
Select the Continent and Country where you are travelling.

2. Click the 'Top Up Now' button

3. Type the ICCID of your SIM card

You will find it in the back of your SIM or in Settings > About > Device Info in your Travis.

4. Submit and Pay

Only PayPal accepted at the moment.


We suggest you not to top up the data package of your sim card while there is still data on it. Otherwise it will cause a conflict and you won't be able to use either of them.

If you want to know much data you still have on your SIM Card contact us with your ICCID number and will check for you.

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