Bluetooth not connecting

  1. Force quit the Travis Blue app from device
  2. Go to Bluetooth settings and select the Travis Blue and forget
  3. Turn Off Bluetooth
  4. Reset the Travis Blue device by pressing and releasing the reset button placed near to the USB port
  5. Then press and hold the Travis Blue device power button until it blinks the green and blue light with a sound
  6. Launch the app and go to Bluetooth settings from the app
  7. Turn On the Bluetooth and connect to Travis Blue again 

Bluetooth Unpair/Forget

You can watch this process on video here

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Bluetooth
  3. Click on the info button of Travis Blue
  4. Forget this Device 

Force quit app

You can watch this process on video here

  1. Double press the home button
  2. Swipe up the Travis Blue app 
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