You can connect Travis Touch Plus to the Internet in 3 different ways: via a WiFi connection, a 4G SIM card or by connecting it to a mobile Hotspot (for example from your phone). Online languages are automatically available whenever your Travis® device is connected to the internet.

WiFi Network

Tap on the Settings icon, select Network  > WiFi and tap on your network. Add your password if needed.

4G - SIM Card

Learn how to insert a SIM card in Travis Touch Plus first.

Once a SIM Card is inserted in Travis Touch, Tap on the Settings icon, select Network  > Mobile Data and enable it. If you are using a Global Data SIM Card don't forget to turn the data roaming switch on too.


Enable the Wi-Fi Hotspot on your smartphone. Once this is done, it will appear in the list of available WiFi connections on your Travis Touch Plus. Add a password if needed. 

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