Connecting your device to internet will allow you to get better, fastest translations. 

You can connect Travis Touch to the Internet in different ways: By switching on the eSIM (only for Travis Touch Go), a 4G SIM card, via a WiFi connection, or by connecting it to a mobile Hotspot (for example from your phone).

eSIM - Only for Travis Touch Go

To use your eSIM's internet, simply switch on mobile data and data roaming and your Travis will connect to the available mobile network. Go to Settings > Network > Mobile Data to switch on your eSIM.

SIM Card

Learn how to insert a SIM card in Travis Touch Go first.

Once a SIM Card is inserted in Travis Touch, Tap on the Settings icon, select Network  > Mobile Data and enable it. If you are using a Global Data SIM Card don't forget to turn the data roaming switch on too.

Wi-Fi Network

Tap on the Settings icon, select Network  > Wi-Fi and tap on your network. Add your password if needed.


Enable the Wi-Fi Hotspot on your smartphone. Once this is done, it will appear in the list of available WiFi connections on your Travis Touch. Add a password if needed. 

Online languages are automatically available whenever your Travis® device is connected to the internet. Find out why we recommend to have your device connected to internet here.

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