The most noticeable change you see right away is the bigger and better display on Travis Touch Plus, which is now also tactile, making it easier than ever to use. 

Travis Touch Plus now supports even more languages: 105+ compared to the 80 languages supported on Travis One. Travis Touch Plus still incorporates 16 translation engines and AI to ensure the best possible translations. 

Furthermore, Travis Touch Plus supports voice recognition, which enables you to switch languages simply by telling Travis.

Additionally, Travis® has seen a massive specs bump up:

  • It supports 4G connection for even faster online translations and to make sure the wireless Hotspot works like a charm.
  • We added the option of wireless charging.
  • The speaker is 20% louder compared to the 1st generation.
  • Powered by Android 7.1 (up from Android 5.1)

All these improvements were made without changing any of the physical dimensions of the original Travis, and while maintaining a 12-hour battery life.

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