We are constantly improving our devices to provide the best user experience and translation quality. There are a few differences when comparing the different devices:

Travis One

The first Travis pocket translator we created. Its characteristics are: a round screen, 80 languages available and a touchpad to navigate through the menus.

Travis Blue

A Bluetooth speaker that connects to your phone via the Travis app to listen to your music and reproduce translations done over your phone

Travis Touch / Travis Touch Plus

  • Large Touch Screen 
  • 100+ languages 
  • Voice recognition, which enables you to switch languages simply by telling Travis.
  • Supports 4G connection for even faster online translations.
  • Wireless charging
  • The speaker is 20% louder compared to the 1st generation.

Travis Touch Go

  • 155 Languages
  • 20 Translation Engines
  • Embedded eSIM that lets you connect to mobile internet without having to insert a SIM card.
  • Does not support Wireless Charging
  • Improved Offline translations

All these improvements were made without changing any of the physical dimensions of the original Travis while maintaining a 12-hour battery life, and incorporating multiple translation engines and AI to ensure the best possible translations.

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